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”When our family got a puppy earlier this year, we had not a clue about how to go about training a puppy. We only knew that we really wanted a well behaved dog. After doing some research, we decided that Blue Ridge Dog Training was a good fit for us. From the first phone call, Adinna reassured us that with time and effort, we could have a dog that was calm, well behaved and a joy to be around. I’ll be honest, I was skeptical. Never having had a puppy before, we were unprepared for the bundle of energy. Adinna came to our home and met with Bootsy and us. She was unique in her training methods, in that she trained US to train the dog, not her training the dog for us. Thus, she gave our family the confidence to know that we could provide our Bootsy with stability and consistency, and helped us to give Bootsy defined parameters. This helped her to relax, knowing that she did not have to be in charge. Our children, ages 12 and 9, are confident in their abilities to control the dog.


Our baby is now six months old, and we have gotten so many comments about how well behaved and calm our dog is. She is happy and content, and we have Adinna to thank for that. She was readily available to answer questions between training sessions, lending her expertise to issues like nipping and fright. Bootsy is a member of our family, and thanks to Adinna, she is a joy to have around.” 

                                                                              - The Reese Family

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