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In-Home Dog Training

Does your dog suffer from behavior problems beyond the reach of your typical group obedience class? Have you worked with other programs in the past but failed to see a real change? Our in-home dog training programs are designed to target a multitude of dog behavior problems from aggression and anxiety, inappropriate greeting behavior, and much more. 


Why In-Home Dog Training?

In-home dog training is convenient, comfortable, and most importantly -- it gets results! We know that certain behavior problems may be influenced by the dog’s home environment, the dog’s relationship to their family, the dog’s individual personality, temperament, among other factors. That’s why we tailor our program to specifically fit the needs and challenges of your dog’s behavior, and we work within your home to address the issues that are standing between you and the results you need. Our in-home dog training program is commitment-based so there is no set number of training sessions, and no set end date to our time working together. Commitment-based dog training means that I'll be available to help you until all of your family’s goals are met.

Ready to see a lasting change in your dog's behavior?

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