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Our Approach

We take a holistic approach that fits your family, your dog, your lifestyle, and your goals.

If you have a dog that's suffering from a behavior issue, no matter how severe, then you've come to the right place

We work with dogs of all ages, breeds, and temperaments. Our programs teach your dog to reliably respond to all of the basic commands (heel, sit, down, stay and basic recall) in all situations. Our programs also address any dog behavior problems you may be concerned with, including:

  • Leash Pulling

  • Separation Anxiety

  • Inappropriate Greeting Behavior (charging the door, jumping)

  • Dog Reactivity

  • Any Aggression Issues

  • Fear-Related Issues (nervousness, fear aggression)

Cynopraxic Training

In the Cynopraxic approach, training is not one-sided. Instead, training is seen as an exchange which emphasizes successes for humans and dogs alike. While we humans have a desired outcome for our dogs’ behavior, we observe and value the dog’s desires and motivations as well. It is through this lens of curiosity and mutual interest that we’re able to make real change.

Cynopraxic training objectives are governed by two essential social and life experience criteria: 

     1. Enhance the human-dog relationship 

     2. Improve the dog’s quality of life.​


“Cynopraxic training proceeds on the assumption that dogs and people possess a shared capacity to establish relations based on fair exchange. Such training promotes cognitive, emotional, and behavioral changes conducive to social competence, cooperation, and play.” 

Our methods are unique and tailored to fit your needs. We draw on our years of experience and the industry’s best practices to help you and your family achieve success!

Ready to get started?


Our sessions begin in your home. Once we establish good focus and your dog learns what we expect from him/her, our lessons will progress to a public setting, where your dog learns to listen to you reliably, regardless of distractions. 

We offer commitment-based dog training solutions for all ages, temperaments and personalities. There’s no set number of training sessions, and no set end date to our time working together. Commitment-based dog training means that we'll be available to help you until all of your family’s goals are met. 

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