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Dog Training for Families

Being a dog owner is a lot of work. Being a parent is even more work. Being both is a TON of work AND responsibility!

For those looking to expand their (human) family, I want to make sure your canine family knows how to properly welcome this new pack member. With a new baby, the home changes and everyone’s lifestyle will be affected. I seek to ensure that those are positive changes for both humans and dogs!

With a new baby, dogs must learn to adjust to having some attention taken away, and how to be careful with such a cute, little human! The dog must also learn that the baby is part of the family, and is not there to cause trouble or anxiety for the dog. This is why I offer the "Family Focus" training program for expectant parents.

I am both a dog owner and mother, and understand the changes a new baby’s presence can have on the family dog. With training, I will show you how to create and maintain consistency for the dog, both before and after the new baby’s arrival.

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Through the Family Focus Program, we will address the following:

  • Building a basic foundation of obedience and recall for the dog, instilling good manners and eliminating any problematic behavior, such as inappropriate play, destructive behavior, poor response to commands, territorial aggression/guarding, and so on.

  • Showing the dog how to behave for a new baby, such as heeling/walking well with a stroller, calm and gentle behavior around and toward the baby, self-control when the owner/parent holds the baby, etc.

  • Creating a feasible protocol that the expecting parents can follow and teach their dogs in. Once the baby is born and comes home, the parents will be well-equipped to maintain that consistent mindset and atmosphere for the dog, so that everyone can thrive and build healthy relationships together.

If you already have a baby or toddler, and have a dog exhibiting poor behavior, don’t hesitate to reach out. It is not too late to get the behavioral change your family needs! We want to see your pack stay together, new and old members included! Our dog training program for families is commitment-based so there is no set number of training sessions, and no set end date to our time working together. Commitment-based dog training means that I'll be available to help you until all of your family’s goals are met.

Ready to help your dog adjust to the new member of the pack?

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