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The Heart behind Blue Ridge Dog Training

Hi, I'm Adinna Mullins. I'm an Asheville native, a lifelong dog lover, a proud mama & firefighter wife.

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I am also a graduate of Cornell University and UC Berkeley School of Law. While working as a lawyer, I become a volunteer and committee member with the Asheville Humane Society. In 2013, I retired from my legal career to pursue my passion for dogs full time. It was then that I founded Blue Ridge Dog Training and officially took on my life calling of serving dogs as a dog trainer and behaviorist. Serving canines in our community who may otherwise be deemed ‘untrainable’ is my passion; no family should have to give up a pet because of a behavioral issue. 


In addition to my many years of experience working with dogs, I’ve also gone through a rigorous training program with Canine Trade Group. It was there that I spent hundreds of hours studying the scientific theories behind behavior modification in dogs, moving through all aspects of dog training from the most simple to the most complex, with great detail and depth. I’ve also been through additional trainings with Thank Dog! and the American Kennel Club.

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