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Aggressive Dog Training

If you’ve been hesitant to hire a dog trainer because of your dog’s aggressive behavior, look
no further! Behavior change is possible!

Aggressive dogs are frequently misunderstood. From the owner’s standpoint aggression often seems random and meaningless, but many times, aggressive behavior is the result of an anxious dog. Environmental factors are the most common contributors towards the underlying anxiety that causes aggressive behavior. We utilize our background and experience to best troubleshoot your dog’s behavior, then work to create an aggressive dog training program that attacks the behavior at the source.

If your dog is showing any signs of aggressive behavior, it is important to get help quickly. Most aggression issues do not resolve themselves on their own; in fact, many continue to get worse as time goes on. Consider that “training” is anything done repeatedly. If your dog is able to continually practice this aggressive behavior, it’s as if you’re training your dog to act that way.

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Aggression can take many forms, including the following:

  • Human aggression (dog is aggressive toward people)

  • Dog aggression (dog acts aggressively toward other dogs)

  • Sibling aggression (aka inter-dog aggression - dog is aggressive with littermates)

  • Food aggression / resource guarding (dog is “possessive” over food, toys, people, space, etc.)

  • Territorial aggression (dog “guards” his territory with aggressive behavior)


When we come to your home to assess your dog, we’ll take all necessary precautions to ensure the safety of everyone involved. We’ll talk with you at length to make sure we understand the details of your dog’s aggressive behavior. As professionals, we will be up-front and realistic in our assessment of your dog. We’ll detail our observations and plans, including the cause of the aggressive behavior and what we’ll do to overcome it (the methods we’ll use, the time it will take, the effort that will be involved, etc.). From there you’ll have some time to consider the treatments and timelines suggested, with no obligation to move forward. Our aggressive dog training program is commitment-based so there is no set number of training sessions, and no set end date to our time working together. Commitment-based dog training means that I'll be available to help you until all of your family’s goals are met.

Let's get to work on a treatment plan!

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