Hyperactive Dog Training

“Help, my dog is hyper!”

If you’re looking for dog training for your hyperactive dog in the Asheville area, look no further! We specialize in resolving dog behavior problems, and that includes hard-to-handle dogs.

As behavior specialists, we understand exactly what causes bad behaviors. This goes for everything from jumping on guests, to dog aggression, to the uncontrollable, hyper dog.

The solution to hyperactivity

This dog is learning that it's okay to relax sometimes!

This dog is learning that it’s okay to sit still sometimes!

The solution for a hyper dog might surprise you. It goes far beyond draining a dog’s “extra” energy and keeping him entertained, although these things can be important. The solution involves teaching your dog how to be calm!

Our training philosophy is centered around setting every dog up for success, and this includes your hyper dog. We’ll spend lots of time focusing on and practicing what we want your dog to do, instead of just teaching him what not to do.

Our commitment-based dog training programs will teach you how to communicate with your dog in a way that’s clear and efficient, and how to reshape your dog’s associations with your home environment. We can teach him that it’s not his personal dog park, and give you an “off button.”

Best of all, behavior training can help your dog learn to relax. It’s very stressful to be so amped up all the time! Instead of constantly being wound up like a top, he’ll learn how to power down and be calm, which gives him a much more balanced state of mind.

Becoming a well-rounded dog

In the process of training your hyper dog to relax, we’ll also be working with him on basic manners and reliable obedience. By the conclusion of training, you’ll not only have a much calmer dog, you’ll have a dog who can behave for you in all situations!

To get started with our behavior training programs, give us a call at 828.348.0255 or email us. We are excited to talk with you!