Dog Training for New Parents

Cribs and Canines: Dog Training for New Parents by Blue Ridge Dog Training

At Blue Ridge Dog Training, we OBVIOUSLY love dogs! Our clients come to us to get their dog’s behavioral problems straightened out, and we love not only helping these dogs, but helping the dog’s family as a whole. With us and our dog training philosophy, family is a super important priority.

So for those who are dog owners and are also thinking about entering parenthood soon, there must be a lot of thoughts crowding your mind. While dog training might be one of the last things you’re thinking of, it is imperative to consider how your new baby and your dog will be introduced. Also, how will they handle each other after the initial meeting? Will your dog grow confused by all the inevitable changes a new baby brings into the family home and schedule? Will the dog understand how to be gentle with your newborn? Will your dog’s anxiety levels rise and then soon cause problematic behavior that affects you and your baby?

Asheville dog trainer, Adinna Mullins, wants to address all these concerns so that you and your dog can welcome your new family member with ease and comfort. This is why Adinna is now offering the Cribs and Canines training program – an effective, reward-based protocol that prepares your dog for the arrival of your baby, and acclimates them to the permanent idea of a new pack member.

Through this training regimen, Adinna will sharpen your dog’s obedience and focus, teaching your dog to behave appropriately with a new baby, even before the baby is born! But that’s not all! Your dog will learn and succeed in real-life scenarios involving the baby, such as heeling with a stroller, respecting boundaries when the baby is crawling on the floor, demonstrating self-control and patience when the baby is receiving all the owner’s attention, etc. You as the owner/parent will be given the necessary tools to create and consistently enforce a successful structure that your dog can happily live in and thrive in!

If you are an expecting parent and think the Cribs and Canines program is just the thing for you and your dog, contact us immediately! If you are currently a parent who is getting worried about your dog’s present behavior toward or around your baby, we can still help! Call our office at 800-649-7297 or email us at!