Dog Training

Professional Asheville Dog Training with Blue Ridge Dog Training

We are strong believers in a commitment-based training philosophy. This means that when we begin working together, we will commit to being your dog trainer until we achieve our training goals. After all, how can training help your dog if it doesn’t produce lasting results?

In-home Dog Training – We come to you!

We work with dogs of all ages, breeds, backgrounds, and issues – aggression, anxiety, poor manners, obedience needs, and more! All of our training programs use the in-home dog training format. If you’re looking for dog training in Asheville, Greenville/Spartanburg, Charlotte, Knoxville, or the surrounding communities, we’ll travel to your home to complete our training lessons.

asheville dog trainingAs dog behavior specialists, we recognize that a dog’s relationship with his/her owners, and the dog’s lifestyle in his/her home environment are two factors that have a very powerful influence over a dog’s behavior choices. This is why all of our behavior training programs begin in your home, and center around teaching you how to communicate with your dog clearly and consistently! 

Training for Aggressive Dogs

We understand that a dog suffering from aggression issues is most likely to be surrendered, or worse. Therefore, it is our top priority to use dog training to overcome these unwanted behaviors to allow the dog to continue living peacefully in his/her home!

We also recognize that aggression issues take quite the toll on the dog’s family. It is alarming, frustrating and heartbreaking all at once. If your dog is suffering from aggressive behavior, you’ll be glad to know that our dog training programs are designed to enhance the bond between the dog and his/her family!

Puppy Training

As professional dog trainers, we’ve seen our share of adult dogs with behavior issues! We’ve also seen puppies with these same problems, but more often than not, puppies can avoid these problems!

Our puppy training programs are also in-home dog training programs. This way we can give you custom advice that fits your situation, your family, and your individual puppy. All of our programs are designed to give you the information and skills you need to know to avoid behavior problems before they arise.

Training for Hyper Dogs

hyper dog asheville dog trainingHyperactivity in dogs is enough to drive any household crazy! Luckily, we understand the root causes of hyperactivity. Strategies to minimize and manage an overly energetic dog go far beyond providing enough exercise (though we believe in getting plenty of exercise!).

If you think your dog is hyper, give us a call. We can teach you practical strategies to give your dog enough exercise, and to help your dog learn to relax!


Give us a call at 828.348.0255 to get started, or fill out our contact form. We are excited to hear from you!

Behavior change is possible!!!